Metal Roofing


There are numerous types of metal roof design and material options, ranging from flat locked copper shingles, to steel Spanish-barrel tile, to traditional standing or vertical seam, to aluminum and steel products designed to mimic wood and tile shakes or shingles. Depending upon the individual product, metal roofs can achieve a vast variety of looks, and can drastically differ in pricing.

Generally, metal roofing products fit into two main categories: structural or architectural. Structural panels, which are used on low pitch applications, are usually installed directly over purlins, effectively becoming both the deck and the roof, i.e. the roof structure. Vertical seam-type panels are the most common type of structural metal roofing and are almost always used on non-residential projects. Architectural metal roofing includes all specialty residential roofing products. Generally, they are installed only on steeper pitched roofs (3:12 in most cases, to ensure proper water run off). Architectural panels are installed over a wood or metal deck, or in some applications, directly over an existing roof.


Common in high snowfall areas because metal roofing allows snow to slide off, rather than back up against the eave – a process known as ice damming.
Common in cities with smog problems and areas with warmer than average climates due to superior solar reflectivity and resulting reduction in air conditioning usage, and thus energy consumption.

Growing rapidly in popularity. Commonly used on applications as wide ranging as church steeples, restaurant chains, condominiums, retail outlets, sports venues, pre-engineered metal structures, apartments, schools, marinas, resorts, log cabins, office buildings, and of course, homes.


Structural panels used for both residential and non-residential applications. Can be manufactured in factory or roll-formed on-site. Generally cut to length with raised seams and concealed fasteners, especially in the case of low-pitch installations. Depending on type of metal and thickness used (aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel); standing seam products can vary greatly in price. This is the product that generally comes to mind when people think of metal roofing.

Flat Seam

Used on flat, low slope, very steep, or unusual-shaped roofs.

Metal Shingles and Shakes

Usually made from aluminum, steel, copper or zinc, specialty metal roof systems are becoming increasingly popular for residential applications. With superior durability, longevity, wind and fire resistance, energy efficiency, and beauty, metal shingles and shake systems outperform and outlast traditional roofing materials. These systems come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and profiles.


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