One of the leading roofing contractors in the state of South Carolina

Lloyd Roofing Company, Incorporated of Greenwood, South Carolina is a fourth generation organization with people applying effort, utilizing skills and resources and having a determined desire for results. Since our founding in 1965 we have developed into one of the leading roofing contractors in the state of South Carolina. Built-up roofing is our prime mode of application and we have expertise in applying modified bituminous and single-ply elastomeric systems.

Each roofing project is unique in design and structure. Our firm can provide a comprehensive assessment of every roof and recommend the system that most benefits the client in feasibility and performance.

Our sheet metal mechanics realize the important role they perform in the completed product. With total attention to detail, their work outlines and enhances the overall project’s appearance.

Our company takes pride in the fact that we are approved applicators for the most selective manufacturers of commercial roofing products in the United States today.

We repair and install all types of roofs. Have a roof leak? Call 1-800-421-3830